September 18, 2017


Last month, I received an invitation from a colleague to attend a gathering of advocates for national minorities' rights. This gathering is part of Lakbayan ng Pambansang Minorya or simply called Lakbayan, the first and the biggest alliance of national minorities in the Philippines. Now on its third year, University of the Philippines Diliman serves as the home for more than 3,000 delegates of indigenous peoples and Moros from all over the country from September 1-21, 2017.

This also is my first year to attend Lakbayan, after a taking a long, long break from org-related activities. Me along with former colleagues attended the activity to meet old and new colleagues and of course, visit our Lakbayanis.

August 27, 2017


First off, I would like to apologize for the sudden change of layout for this page. I just encountered an error on the template I'm using, plus there are new Blogger templates around so might as well try them out. So far, I like some of them. Still working on the original template though.

Sine I opened my laptop, I now have the chance to ask some questions and today, the million-dollar question I have is:  What is the best way to say goodbye?

This is the first question that popped up right after I opened my profile. I don't even know why I'm writing something about this topic, but I'll do my best to give out an honest answer.

July 20, 2017


Hi all. It's already the middle of 2017 and this is the first post I'm going to write since my Malaysia trip. How's everything going? Well, there's quite a lot of things happened to me during the past months,both good and bad, but overall good. Actually, this year so far everything is working well, work-wise and personal. I may not be able to give specific details about them, but I'll highlight 2 events happened during the past months. Feel free to read them.

May 5, 2017


It took quite a while to post this third and final installment of my Malaysia trip. As usual, when I am busy I tend to ignore this blog so apologies for it.

Anyway, as for this super overdue post and as what I had mentioned before, getting around Malaysia is just like getting around here in the Philippines in terms of weather. Petaling Jaya though is quite different since it rains here like almost every afternoon. And it's not just an ordinary rain; it's pours as if there's a typhoon.

February 13, 2017


Petaling Jaya during the middle of the working day, but the streets are without traffic.

Spending a few days in this country, I felt like I could live in this country. Cost of living is quite cheap, weather is very much like here in the Philippines. Almost everywhere you meet a fellow Filipino, or natives who happen to know and speak Tagalog. At one time, during our dinner with Audrice's boss, he gave us some information about living in Malaysia as an overseas worker.

January 23, 2017


A very late New Year's greetings to all. 

As usual, I was not able to make any updates the last month's of December. Holiday activities, made my schedules really impossible to post. But here I am, and 2017 is probably a good start to post. First of, this year marks this blog's 10th anniversary. Would you believe it, guys! Ten years since I started posting crap! Happy that I am able to make it this long, after all attempts to change platforms, buying a decent domain, and even thinking of quitting. So yes, ten years it is. So what better way to start this year-long celebration that sharing my trip to Malaysia, several days ago?

November 7, 2016


Yesterday, I received a confirmation from my boss that my vacation's approved for 3 days. Happy, because I get to visit Mother and Grandma and our cats again in the province. No work for 3 days meaning no need to deal with irate customers. But it doesn't mean I can relax; my main goal why I filed for vacation is to help my Auntie with tallying up grades using Excel.

My Auntie is a teacher. She's been teaching way before I was born. I grew up with her, seeing her sleep late at night and wake up early to go to school. I grew up seeing her write grades from their class record, doing computations and lesson plans everyday. She would bring me to school with her especially when they have Christmas parties. Up until now that I'm 31, she still teaches. She loves teaching kids even though she told me so many times that she didn't plan on taking up Education.

With the fast-paced technology, government agencies- including Department of Education now sort of requires teachers to exploit it for faster and more convenient teaching tasks. Which basically means ditching the old school lesson plan notebooks and class records. Meaning my Auntie would have to learn how to use a computer.

The thing is, my dear Auntie is not that good with technology. Mind you guys, back when Nokia phones are the kings of mobile phone industry, I had to write her step-by-step instructions on Nokia's basic phone functions (turning on, placing calls, send/receive texts). I am not so sure what her issue is, but she is kind of scared of trying new things. She's too old school. Although I do understand how she feels, I always remind her that she may really need to step out of her comfort zone and try. And yes she did, as of this year, she now knows how to operate a phone. She now owns an iPhone and can play games from it. She tells me she's thankful that I taught her how to use cellphones back then. Good job, Auntie!

Now the problem she's having right now is using her laptop to class. The last time I talked to her, she told me that they have new teachers and are very computer savvy. Said she asks help from one of them with updating their lesson plans. This is the reason why every 3-4 months I go home to help her with Excel. I always show her how to do it, and it's not that hard because there's already a template that she needs to follow. What she's worried about are things like, "What if I accidentally deleted the file?" or "What do I do if I mistyped something? How am I going to delete it?" Does this mean that I need to go back to writing the instructions for her?

I am willing to do that however, at least DepEd should come up with a seminar or a basic computer class for old teachers. That would be a great help.