December 26, 2007

Going on a Trip? Read This

I am sharing you my personal tips everytime I travel. I hope this will help you make your trip fun and comfortable.
BE PREPARED. Before getting on that vehicle, make sure you have the following:

Food and water, espescially for some who are not used to eat during trips;
Plastic bags, cellophane for trash bags, vomit bags, very useful;
Taking anti-nausea, vomiting and anti dizziness drugs like Bonamine an hour before the trip and having that little bottle of White Flower with you helps get rid of dizziness, and prevent you from vomiting.
Walkman or any posrtable music player. On my personal experience, it is better for me to listen to music than watching movies inside the bus Why? that is because I tend to get dizzy when I watch during trips. So I usually bring with me my mp3 player, so I could listen to my favorite music while enjoying the view outside the window.
Having candies during trips helps you relieve that biyahilo symptoms too.

I hope I helped you with these simple travel reminders. If you want to add these tips, you can share it with me by posting your comment in this post.

Happy New Year everyone!