January 27, 2008

Vintar Visit

Note: Thanks to Armie, I could go to other places for FREE.

Last Friday, I had my very first trip to Vintar, Ilocos Norte. I was a bit disappointed at first, because I thought it was a long trip(like 3-4 hours), but I found out that you can go to Vintar in less than an hour. But it still it was a nice trip.

Vintar, IIocos Norte is located eight kilometers Northeast of Laoag City. As I’ve said earlier, you can reach Vintar in less than an hour. Ride a jeep(the terminal is located in Laoag), and with a fare of Php12.50, you can reach the place. Vintar is the second largest largest town in IN. Its boundaries extend to Bangui in the north, Piddig on the east, Sarrat on the southeast, Bacarra on the west, Pasuquin on the northwesr, and the Province of Apayao on the northeast. The town consists of an area of 62,485 hectares of arable and mountainous lands. Dangerous rivers and towering mountains act as barriers. Amidst these natural barriers are two fertile valleys – namely Surong Valley and Pallas Valley, which are the sources of livelihood of the people.
Vintar is divided into 33 barangays.

Vintar's topography is relatively rugged and is generally
characterized by mountains which form part of the Luzon's Cordillera
mountain ranges; interspersed with plains, valleys and a lone body of
water . the Vintar River originating also from the Cordillera which
branches out into several tributaries and streams and finally draining into
the China Sea.
Flat lands or plains are mostly found in the level to nearly level
areas devoted to agricultural and settlement sites. These are intermittently
found at the poblacion, with an elevation of 26 meters above sea levels
stretching and extending stretching and extending up to the farthest barangay up north in Brgy. #34,Isic-Isic with an elevation of 288 meters above sea level

As of 2007, Vintar’s forest area is 79.64% of the total land area, making it the best location for producing honey. This is the reason why I went to Vintar with armie. To search some potential honey farmers in town.

As I left the town, I told myself that I will visit the town again. But for now, my next trip this February: Bangued, Abra!

Vintar Arc