One-on-One with Gaby dela merced

I’m with my friends last night. It was our first reunion together after six years since high school graduation. We were at a local bar somewhere in Metro Manila, enjoying the night life. We were dancing, drinking, and chatting when suddenly I decided to go to the restroom. And there I saw Gaby Dela Merced.

She was combing her hair in front of the mirror. I was so nervous, but I took a deep breath and approached her.
“Hello Ms. Gaby, how are you? I’m Rara and fan mo ako from La Union”, words came out of my mouth.
“Hi Rara! Thanks, okay naman ako. Thanks sa support mo sakin ha?” she smiled at me.
She smiled at me. The smile of a true Racing Goddess made me more nervous.
“Its okay po. I hope you could visit my province and try surfing.”
“Oh yes I’ve never been to La Union before, but they say it’s a perfect place for surfing. I will try to visit La Union whenever I have the time.”

Again, that smile.

After that short conversation, we left the restroom together. And as we went out of the room, I saw a glass thrown in front of me. It hit my head.

I opened my eyes. I looked around.

It was only a dream. Awww…

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