January 8, 2008

Ratings 101

Its been weeks since the AGB Nielsen ratings anomaly came out to public, and now the issue gets even worse. The case filed by ABS-CBN against AGB Nielsen Research has been dismissed. GMA Network in return filed a libel case against ABS-CBN and some journalists/broadcasters from the network.

Advisories of the two rival networks, informing people that they are "fighting for the truth", appears on TV almost every 30 minutes. And they’ve become an eyesore to me.

Why do these two big media networks battling to be number one?

Simple: PROFIT.

When a tv or radio network has a high rating, advertisers will flood right at their doorsteps. And more advertisements means more money, right? You try to observe these stations, for example. You can see clearly that there are so many commercials in between the programs, and sometimes these commercials are consuming the time of the show.

I a not a Kapamilya or even a Kapuso. I love these networks and I watch their programs regularly.

Actually, ABS-CBN and GMA doesn't need ratings. They have already established their companies in the whole country and around the globe. These ratings is not important. What matters most is the quality and the credibility of the network and the programs. This is what the viewers after for, anyway. NOT THE RATINGS.