Sydney White and the Blog

Have you watched Sydney White? this romantic comedy film starring Amanda Bynes, also featured a blog owned by on of Sydney's seven dwarfs- or dorks, I must say.

This modern version of the classic fairytale(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) follows a college freshman, Sydney(Amanda) to Southern Atlantic University as she pledges her late mom's once dignified sorority, the Kapha Phi Nu. But after discovering that the sorority is not what it used to be, she quit and eventually found new home away from home, with seven outcasts- Terrence, Lenny, Sanford, George, Embele, Gurkin, and Jeremy. The blog, is owned by Gurkin, and discusses issues inside SAU, particularly the reign of the Greek elite in the student council headed by Rachel Witchburn(Sara Paxton). Gurkin used his blog to spread his concerns inside and outside the campus, even though his fellow dorks tell him that no one reads his "whiny" blog. Then one day, upon learning that someone actually reads his blog, well just what Sydney White said, "They lived dorkily ever after."

Though the blog played a very little role in the film, it still showed how important blogging is today.


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