A Chilling Encounter

There was a scary but true story buzzing around my former school, UCC here in San Fernando City. It was a phone call from my former College Professor, who recently died.
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Ma’am Jessica Apayo, was a very good English Professor. She’s a bit strict, but I admire her and the way she teaches the subject. In fact I still have some of my test papers from my English II class. But on the night of January 4, 2008 around 7pm, Ma’am Jessica was stabbed by unknown men while walking home from school. She was pronounced DOA when they rushed her to the nearest hospital.

And now this story happened two days before the 40th day of her death.

It was lunch time when the phone rang on the College President’s office. It was not yet clear if Dr. Filemon Lagon, the president was the one who answered the phone call. This was the flow of the conversation:

Dr. Lagon: Hello?

Caller: Hello? Anong ginagawa ninyo diyan?

Dr. Lagon: Sino ito?

Caller: Ako ito, si JESSICA.

Dr. Lagon: O bakit ka tumawag?

Caller: Pupunta sana ako diyan, may mga kasama akong mga friends.

The next day, also lunch time, some school employees were surprised when the same telephone conversation was heard over the computer speaker in the same office; this time they tried to talk to Ma’am Jessica over the speaker:

Employee: Jessica, bakit hindi ka tumakbo nung gabing iyon?

Ma’am Jessica: Tumakbo ako, pero yung sapatos ko naipit.

Employee: Bakit hindi ka sumigaw?

Ma’am Jessica: Sumigaw ako, pero walang nakarinig sa akin

I don’t know if they asked other questions to her; but I hope they asked her if she knows her killer. Because as far as I know the killer was still on the loose.

On the 40th day of her death, UCC employees offered a mass service praying for her soul.
I just hope she gets the justice she deserves. May she rest in peace now.

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