The Damage Is Done.

After Edison Chen admitted and apologized to the public, the racy photos were still widely spread on the internet.
Beginning in late January 2008, the Hong Kong photo scandal depicting Chen and the aforementioned actresses engaged in sexual acts were circulated on the Internet. Though Edison did not identify the names of these actresses, several of them were Hong Kong actresses, Cecilla Cheung, Bobo Chan, Maggie Q, Candice Chan, and Gillian Chung.
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On 21 February, Chen hosted a press conference in Hong Kong in which he admitted being the author of most of the photographs. However, he also claimed that the photographs were distributed illegally and without his consent. In order to protect the victims of the scandal, Chen would take legal action to stop further proliferation of the photos. He publicly apologised to the actresses involved, and also announced that he would "step away indefinitely" from the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Watch the video of his statement here.

The History.

In November 2006, Chen allegedly purchased a pink PowerBook from eLite Multimedia, a computer shop in Hong Kong's Central district According to the police, Chen's "Cotton-candy Mac" computer was sent in for repairs, and an estimated 1,300 intimate photographs of Chen and numerous female celebrities may have been accessed and copied by one or more of the shop's employees without consent. Chen's photographs were reportedly taken some time between 2003 and 2005.
One close friend of Chen indicated that he liked to take photographs during intimate moments with his sexual partners, of which 14 were celebrities, and privately showed these to a select group of close friends.

The Damage?

Edison Chen’s sister, Trician Chen, said today that her friend Candice Chan, who was one of the women involved in the naughty picture scandal, has cancelled her wedding she has been planning since April. Candice’s former fiance, has reportedly stopped speaking to her after the scandal became news worldwide. He is said to be extremely embarrassed, but glad the news became public before he married Candice.Actor Nicholas Tse was photographed on 2-9 by the Hongkong media that he has taken off his wedding ring, which was always on his left hand in 2007, because of the naughty picture scandal involving his wife, Cecilia Cheung and lover at the time Edison Chen.
Edison Chen, the central figure in the naughty photos scandal that has rocked Hong Kong showbiz, has had another job axed, Sing Tao Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported today.
Edison was signed as one of the faces of EPS, Hong Kong’s local version of Visa or MasterCard, in their latest advertising campaign. However, recently, billboards featuring Edison were removed from prominent positions in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Hong Kong Station, reported Sing Tao Daily.
The newspaper also reported that Edison’s part in EPS’s TV commercial had been cut.
The EPS campaign is also fronted by Charlene Choi, Jan Lamb, and Wyman Wong.
Although there were reports that Edison had his advertisements for Manhattan Titanium, a credit card, pulled as a result of the naughty picture scandal, a spokesperson for the company later said that the campaign was only ever scheduled for a month and had been ended as planned and not because of recent events. That’s exactly what Disney said when they cancelled a Gillian Chung recently.
Earlier this month, Edison was cut from an upcoming movie. Columbia Pictures announced that its film Jump, a joint production with Stephen Chow’s company Star Overseas, which was due to be released on May 1, has been delayed until October 1. The Hong Kong-made film was to star Edison alongside Kitty Zhang. The movie studios hope that the delay will allow people to forget the film was ever associated with Edison. The upcoming Batman still has Edison in the film however.Several of the photos were still on YouTube and you can even download it.In the entertainment industry, image is very important. But at the end of the day, the damage is done.

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