Im Sick. For the THIRD TIME.

This is the worst time of my life. I've been sick for almost a month. First, I had this tonsilitis that tortured me for several days. Then there's that terrible, terrible colds with matching headache, and it put me lie in bed for a week. After that, tadaaaaa!!! I recovered from it, and it really felt good.
But after a week of celebration, here I am again. Sick. And you know what? I got colds again. And cough.
Ah, the weather's unpredictable these days. Here in La Union, especially in Vigan(where I got sick), it is hot and humid in the morning, and cold and windy in the evening. These sudden weather changes make other people sick.
But then again, if only I am healthy enough..
Now is the time I realized how important water is.
Weeks before, I posted an article on the healing wonders of water, and you can read it here. I guess I have to read it again and you too my dear readers and visitors. This article my help you.
Of course, let's not forget to smile always even though we are not feeling well.

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