March 3, 2008

Privacy Policy Required in Google Adsense

To all Adsense Publishers, Google Adsense now released its newly revised Terms of Service(TOS) in which, requires all users to have a Privacy Policy page on their blogs/sites.
When you log in your Adsense account, you would be prompted to read the new TOS. Just like what Marhgil Macuha first did, I just clicked I agree and then went down to check the reports. Then a few days later, I noticed that Google is stopped updating. Turns out that not even a single cent is added to my account. So then I checked every links that could give me help. That's when I searched the net for some updates. Immediately, upon learning about the new TOS, I created a Privacy Policy page for my blog. I did a bit of copy-paste, edit, and added some parts to make my own privacy policy. You can check it here.
Again to all Adsense users, update your blogs before Google will ban you for violating their TOS. You can copy mine or look for privacy policy generators on the net.
Good luck!