Goal in life? Of course I have, but lately, I've been thinking of something..

Lately I"ve been busy with things. First, there's Cordi Day in Abra. And now, I am helping a local newspaper establish a their market here in La Union.

Northern Dispatch, or known as NorDis is the paper I'm talking about. They started the paper about 17 years ago as a weekly packet of news and features on Northern Luzon. Some of my friends now are working for Nordis as correspondents. And the fact that it has been my favorite local paper since, they need my help, so I am happy to render my service to them.

As a Former Guilder from College Editors of the Philippines, I love writing(but in Filipino so please bear with my grammar!). That's why I blog. But entering the media as my career? Nope, not my priority. As of now, I want to continue my studies(FYI: I stopped last semester due to some "supernatural" events) and work where my uncle works, at CTSI Logistics.
I consider myself a pessimist; but when it comes to my goals in life, everything changes.

Update: Please be informed that I have removed my cbox due to some "supernatural" problems.

I am also accepting guest bloggers for my blog. If you are interested, feel free to submit your articles at
Thank you.

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