July 28, 2008

Help Kuya Ric

I always remember Kuya Ric Gonzalo as a theater master. Experience-wise, Kuya Ric was not only a theater actor but a mentor, director, and facilitator. A member of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines and Manila Mobile Theater(formerly Tanghalang Sta. Ana, famous for the play "Ang Martir sa Golgotha" and others), Amazing Philippines Theater’s first director, a workshop trainor for both Kapuso and Kapamilya stars, a proud member of the gay community, an Ilocano and a friend, yan si Kuya Ric.

Years later I learned that Kuya is suffering from Diabetes. And was in its final stage.

Weeks ago I accompanied some friends to visit Kuya Ric. He cried when he saw us in front of an old barung-barong situated at the slum area of the city where he lived alone. Seeing his conditions. We decided to bring Kuya to our friends' boarding house where he can eat and sleep well and where we can look after him. His kidneys were not functioning. He can't breathe well. And he had a hard time getting up and walking due to his swollen legs and feet. Last Friday, Kuya told me he might not be there on my birthday celebration. He believes that he'll pass away soon.

We were doing our best to help Kuya Ric. I am trying to establish contact on his former theater groups in Manila. So guys, fellow readers, if you happen to have some friends from Tanghalang Sta. Ana, Brownman's Theater, and CAP, please let me know. Aand if you want to provide some help to kuya, just send me an email sandramariellarenas@gmail.com