July 1, 2008

It's Official: Google terminates Adsense for Referrals

By the end of August this year, Google will officially remove its Adsense Referrals service.

The letter I received today from Google stated that after August, AdSense Referrals code will nolonger display ads. For some reasons maybe, that according to Google, "We’re constantly looking for ways to improve AdSense by developing and supporting features which drive the best monetization results for our publishers. Sometimes, this requires retiring existing features so we can focus our efforts on the ones that will be most effective in the long term."

Bad news for Filipino bloggers like using this program.

So before that deadlines comes, Google Adsense advised its users to:

* Remove all referral code from your site(s): Please take amoment to remove all referral code from your sites before the lastweek of August, so that you can continue to effectively monetiseyour ad space.

* Replace your referral ads with AdSense for content ads: Ifyou have less than three AdSense for content ad units on a page,we recommend replacing referral ad units with standard AFC adunits. This will minimize the risk of decreased AdSense earningswhen the Referrals programme is retired.

* Run and save all referrals reports to your desktop: All Referrals reports will no longer be available at the end of October.

While scanning at the Adsense Blog, I have found out that some bloggers find it a bad move while others say it was a good move for they are not earning much from it.