Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s been a week since the last post here in my blog. And you know what? I realized how this blog slightly changed my life. Well, not that big change, but just enough to know how much this blog of mine is bringing back my writing mantra.

Since I wrote my last article in our college paper (circa 2003 that eventually led to our expulsion from school) I felt that my writing skill was napudpod. With that expulsion incident, I really stopped writing. Before, I do not worry if my English grammar is wrong; I am always perfect on my grammar exams and was the number one in our English class. I remember after our exams my classmates usually ask me my answers. And after our exam papers were checked, my classmates get to see my paper first before it comes to me. I was always perfect. But now I am not as confident as before when it comes to my English.

They people learn from their mistakes. So my dear readers, if you see some mistakes on my grammar, PLEASE DO TELL ME. I would love to hear all your comments.

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