Friendster Blogs with wordpress

Actually, my very first blog was the one offered by Friendster. For me it was simple, and because I haven't discovered those blog custmizations, tricks and designs, Friendster Blogs was the perfect one for me.

Then I discovered Wordpress and Blogger. In less than 10 minutes I have created and moved into these bloghosting platforms, and left my good old Friendster blog.

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But as I write this post I am now creating another blog back on Friendster. Not just because I missed Friendster blogs but because of its new features- themes, customizations. And that's because is now powered by Wordpress! I admit I was so happy to see the new Friendster blog. Not because the former platform Movable Type was lousy, but because Wordpress allows users to personalize the blog(custom headers, widgets, etc.) Wordpress just made Friendster one heck of a blog!

So excuse me for now guys I have to write a post on my new Friendster Blog. By the way, I am not moving.

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