Blogger Users: Don't Forget to Embed your Comment Forms!

Yes, if you notice this blog's comment form, it was embedded right in my blog page. Not exactly as the ones you see in Wordpress blogs, but this new comment form from Blogger, released last July was much better than the old, pop-up or full page version.

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It's pretty easy to do this. Just go to your Settings >Comments >Comment Form Placement Setting. Change your setting to Embedded Below Post, save it, then check it!
This new feature works on all classsic Blogger templates, though in some of today's heavily-customized layouts you need to reset your widgets before the feature will appear. But if you still prefer the old one, you can just change the setting by following the steps above.
The first 7-11 store is now open here in La Union last Monday! I was happy so I went to visit the store and to buy my favorite highschool snack, Slurpee. But unfortunately, due to massive use on the first day, the Slurpe machine went down! Maybe the poor device was overwhelmed by the customers, or some people were just careless. Anyway..

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