October 9, 2008

May this Flowchart I made be with me.

Analyze, analyze and analyze. This was what our IT02 prof told her class during our first meeting. This first week of this subject was a mayhem with me. A strict prof who hates noisy class, and a seatwork that turned out to be our first assignment. Hay, flowchart. I have a strong feeling that you will infiltrate and intrude my life this semester.

But, our professor was right. Indeed you have to work your brains out. You may say drawing a flowchart was easy, but drawing a flowchart for computer programs? It was not as easy as 123; this is where you have to analyze the problem needed. For example, creating a flowchart that will determine if a student passed a certain subject. See? Its not that easy. But I am determined to learn.

I am hoping that as I attend this IT02 class I will learn to appreciate and enjoy it, even if our prof was, let's say, strict. But you know what? I'd rather have a strict teacher than a nice but lazy one.