Things I Forgot to Blog.

This is a blog post similar to Jehzlau.

This past week was a very busy one for me, that's why I wasn't able to write some nice posts. to those blogs I visited last week, I was only able to view the topics and put some "hey just dropped by" or "nice post" comments. I am very sorry. I was busy helping my brother building his big forum project. He was looking for cheap hosting sites so immediately I recommended Ploghost, a Filipino web hosting company run by the one and only Abe Olandres(hey sir Yuga, advertising ito!).

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As of now I have no updates regarding my brother's project- I have no cellphone load hahaha!Also, while helping my brother, I was also busy with my schooling. Our Prelim Exams will be on this week and other than that, Lunduyan 2008 stint. Unfortunately, after days and weeks of massive persuasion, my school will not be able to send a single delegate to the event. Crap.

The 3rd La Union Surfing Break will end today and I forgot to blog about it! Anyway, this was the schedule of activities:

Surf Clinics

Ultimate Frisbee

Team Speed Climbing and Bouldering

Beach Volleyball

The Ultimate Beach Break Party – Day 1(October 24, 2008)

Oktoberfest Beach Party – Day 2(October 25, 2008)

La Union Amazing Race Challenge – Day 1(October 24, 2008)

Search for Mr. and Ms. La Union Surf Break – Day 3(October 26, 2008)

I was reading some email received a message from Entrecard: My blog was deleted from their directory. What the?! I quickly replied to the mail telling my reasons and inquiries so probably and I hope they could answer my mail.

As of this moment, I'm busy on my system project plus Lunduyan activities, so expect my not writng any post after this. I want to greet you all: Happy Halloween everyone!

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