My Recommended Christmas Gift for Dads

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Well the holiday season is near, and evreyone is expecting gifts and goodies from relatives and friends. I want to share to you a story. Its my Christmas experience last year with my family.

Last Christmas, my Uncle Norman sent a package from the US containing his gifts for the family. He has been doing this since he migrated to the States when we were still kids. Now he already had his own family but he still makes sure that all of us got have some presents for the Christmas. Well last year, we received two boxes. Everyone of us had their share- I got a new bag, my brothers new shoes, my cousins some clothes and make-up. But my Uncle Vern got the best gift among us.

Want to know?

It's the 5.11 Tactical Series from Workboots USA! I really love this gadget and I hope to get some too. Since Uncle Vern is a fireman, this set of gears really fits him. This series is created especially for policemen, military and firefighters. It includes Tactical Series shirts, pants, accessories, knives, gear bags, gloves, jackets, undergear, and the Tactical series eyewear. And of course the set also includes VTAC pouches and gear, and a watch. Definitely its a gift suitable for fathers and uncles this season!

So my dear readers and visitors, why don't you call your friends and relatives abroad and tell them about this exciting gift? I am hoping that I could a set of this series too. Very useful equipments and gadgets all in one. How was that for a gift?

Share your Christmas stories too. And maybe from your story, you can come up with an idea for perfect gift.

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