It's in Everybody's Wishlist.

A few days to go before Christmas, and everyone is having their own list of gifts they wanted to receive. Of course we have our own guft ideas for this holiday. I just made my own list and I will give to my relatives. I even have a list on my cellphone. But today the most saught after gift this generation is of course, the small but terrible iPod.

iPod is today's most powerful gadget because it plays music and video, and has large memory storage. But as technology becomes modern, more new versions of this gadget were born, including iPod Nano and iPod Touch. They both offer great features that provide the user with great satisfaction.

While looking for some iPods for sale here in town, I noticed that prices have gone down. Maybe since this is holiday season, different shops are offering promos and discounts for buyers.

Thinking of any gift ideas? You can also shop online and look for the best iPod prices by visiting some price comparison sites. They will help online shoppers to spend and have more value for their money.

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