Manic Monday: Schooling and Gaming 101

At last, our Prelim exams just ended! We are now tackling our Midterm lessons and hopefully I could understand all of them. This morning my IT02 prof announced that she's going to move our subject to a new schedule, and we also learned taht she gave her other subjects to another prof. Then later I learned from onr one of my classmates that Madam is going to have a new job and that she'll be a part-time prof in our college. I must admit I was sad when I heared the news. Yeah students categorize her as "the terror teacher", but they must also admit that they learned a lot from her. Senti? No. I just hope she'll be fine with her new job.

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I am now addicted to RuneScape! I started playing this online-no download game last Friday and I really liked it alot. First I went under training with some of the tutors where you will learn how to mine, smelt, fish, cook and even pray! Then after completing the training, you will now be sent to Lumbridge, where you can look for quests, take some jobs and earn money! I recommend this game to you readers. If you happen to be in Lumbridge, feel free to contact me and I will see you there! Look at the screenshot of my character(that's me at the center)

Anyway, please watch out for the second and final installment of my project proposal series. I will discuss of course the do's and dont's of writing an effective preject document for your groups/organizations.

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