Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya: And the winner is...

This year's main event and one of the greatest fights in the boxing history.I've watched them fight. Now it is time for the verdict. And the winner is..

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Actually this result is from a very interesting site I found thru Mr. Ian Casocot.
Google Fight takes that fascination further by giving any Internet user two search fields: you simply type in two specific keywords, each to its own search field, then you press Enter—and Google Fight determines which keyword brings back the most returns. If you type in “Obama” vs. “McCain,” for example, Obama wins hands-down with 244,000,000 returns compared to McCain’s 157,000,000. This means that there are more Internet references and links to the keyword “Obama” than to “McCain.”
As you can see in the picture, our very own Manny Pacquiao reigns the internet over Oscar De La Hoya when it comes to keyword battle. 1,030,000 returns compared to 3,810!
Interesting site to test who and what keywords dominate the internet, right?

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