Want to See What's Inside my wallet?

For the first time here in the blogosphere, I will show you what's actually inside my good old buddy, my wallet. Are you ready? But before I open it for public viewing, I will share you another evil plan of mine. It's all about this blog's first anniversary this coming December. I'm thinking of giving some freebies, so if you want to receive one, just send me your contact details including your address. So now, let the opening of my wallet begin..

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1. ID's. I have two identification s in my wallet, the first one is my postal ID(though I don't use postal mail), and my Nordthern Dispatch ID.
2. Cards, Cards, Cards. Business cards, membershp cards, even prepaid cards- all in one.
3. Letter. I have the habit of keeping letters in my wallet. For example that pink paper with designs, it was a letter from a close friend who stays in Abra. Well I don't know where she is ow, but I hope to see her again in the future.
4. Tickets. You ight think this is weird, but I am a ticket collector. I have lots of ticket stuffed in my big purse like bus tickets and even public restroom tickets(like that yellow one I got from Baguio).
5. Pictures, important papers. I keep some small sheets of paper in my wallet containing some important things for me to remember.
6. ATM Cards. Well one of them is now inactive. Heeheee..
7. A dollar bill. My grandma gave me that last 2006. I'm keeping it and I don't have any plans of giving it to some money changer. It serves as my charm hehe.

That's it! Now you've seen one of the biigest mysteries of Rara. Now if you want to share to the world what's on your wallet today, then go do it. I'de be delighted to see.

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