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After a week of blog hiatus, finally I'm back and ready to share my upcoming plans to the blogosphere. Ah, so many things happened last week, starting of with Ms. Karla Henry winning the Ms. Earth 2008 title. Congratulations! I was in bed that time drinking water, and I can't help but watch the contest. Congratulations to the "Greatest Filipino film of all time," Himala(Miracle) directed by the late and Philippine National Artist Ishmael Bernal and stars Nora Aunor.
The film won the 2008 CNN Asia Pacific Screen Awards Viewers Choice Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of all Time last November 11(voted for by thousands of film fans around the world, at www.cnn.com/thescreeningroom). Imagine that, beating other films like Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai and Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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I have some plans in my mind right now for this week. First I am planning to try postcrossing as what sir Redlan is doing right now. For information, postcrossing i a project that allows anyone to exchange postcards from random places in the world. First I'm thinking of sending postcards to my blogging and forum friends from around the world, and they are:

Mirjam, a friend from Germany and I met last 2006 Cordillera Day in Kalinga
Eka, my forum buddy from Indonesia but I have to validate his address first
Juliet, a nurse from New Zealand and we share the same interest
Francine, another forum buddy from Italy. Last Christmas I sent her a bracelet I bought from Benguet and she still wears it
Reseres, a fellow blogger and an indegineous youth from Taiwan whom I met last Cordillera 2008 in Abra

Goodbye Runescape, Hello,Perfect World ! After a year of silence finally I am now playing PW. Actually, I've created a character a year ago but because I simply don't like playing it, I just left my character on standby. I even forgot my account password, but now after playing Runescape, my interest in reactivating my PW character came, and that's it.

I almost forgot the third part of my project proposal series so I am going to tackle on this topic within this week.

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