A Cup of Coffee, Please!

Nothing. As of this moment, 2:00am, I am writing this post and at the same time, chatting with my friend Jek. Jek was my fellow "vampire", but were not the same as the Cullen Family, we have this irregular sleeping disorder, insomnia-like but its not. So anyway, here I am posting this dimwit rant of mine.

I feel like I want to drink a cup of coffee, but to my disappointment, only bags of tea were available in the pantry. And the internet connection freaks me out. With its super slow speed my patience meter is decreasing. Now my craving for coffee grows even more! Aside from coffee and internet speed, I am also thinking of Armie right now. She is sick, probably because of stress at work. I always tell her that if she can't handle her job and she is sacrificing her health, she should resign and find anothe one. But because of today's situation, it is hard to find a good job with good salary. Our country is facing economic crisis now, and the unemplyment rate increases. Still, Armie is lucky because she had a job. Anyway.

Now I only read the entertainment section of the newspaper because the headlines, are just the same everyday. And tommorrow, I will turn to Dolly Ann Carvajal's column again, with a cup of nice hot coffee.

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