Hotel 626:Scariest Game Online

BY GUEST BLOGGER: Jamie Anne B. Gutierrez(cousin of Rara) 10 yrs. old, SERIOUSLY

Bored at your home? Can't do anything? Well turn off the lights and prepare your computer or laptop for a spine-tingling game. Hotel is a very scary game that you would like to try. It has cool graphics and very nice sound effects that will make you feel you're really in the game. The plot of the game is like this, you just sign a form to stay at the hotel.(AKA, email address and a password) Then you realize that you should escape because it has ghosts haunting and lurking around and weird people who check in at the hotel. It compromises of many levels with a code to be solved to go to the next level. Hotel 626 is originally a game to sponsor Doritos. (thank you for giving us yummy chips and cool games) But you'll never think it that way because it is way too scary. BTW, you need speakers, webcam, and a mic. but it's okay if you don't have one. The most important thing to have is the speakers because that is really needed for the game.

For my opinion the game gets 5/5. It has very nice sound effects that will make adrenaline rush to your head. The game also has realistic graphics like CG amnimation. The plot is really good and it has good mysteries to solve and think about. It wil make you enjoy and think hard too.
Apart from that the game is very suspenseful, next thing you know a baby will attack you or a ghost will just jump out. And a great thing is that if you fail a level, you could try again or skip the level. (But I assure you, if you keep on skipping a level you'll have no fun) The hotel is open ONLY 6pm - 6am but you can cheat the system and just change your computer clock to 6pm and play the game.(If ever you are very nervous) But the best way to play is turn off all the lights be all alone in a room and put your speakers on. I would not recommend this for people who have epilepsy. Just in case pack extra underwear an pants or shorts in case you pee on yourself.

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