Lucky Enough.

A fellow blogger Paul Villacorta just launched a project- its the 2009 Blogger Calendar that features 3 bloggers on each of the month. The project was a hit that in just a matter of hours, only a few slots were left for bloggers who wanted to join. And so yesterday, Sir Paul announced the final list of bloggers who will be featured for the 2009 Blogger Calendar:

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January - Rabsin, Kevin Ray Chua and Jehzlau
- Gail, Tonyo Cruz and dRei
- Redlan, Mel and Bong
- Chiq Montes, Ria Jose and Iris Mejia Acosta
- Micamyx, Sire Arevalo and Mark Monta
- Dong Ho, Drew and Earthlingorgeous
- Winston, Kosa and Madjik
- RJ, Mark Aethen and Fjordan
- Ada Lajara, Sarah and Liquidskinn
- Paul Villacorta, Mark and Hannah
- Curside Puppet, Poncho and Sinjin
- Abou, Rara and Montsch Acosta

Yes, I was lucky enough to be included on this list haha!

Sir Paul is looking for 6 sponors for this project. These 6 generous sponsors will get:

  • Logo on the cover page
  • Logo on every month
  • Logo on the sponsor page
  • Sponsors will be acknowledged by the participating bloggers.

For further details visit

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