Plurk Layouting 101

Are you a Plurk user? If so, then you must aware that you can change themes and layouts for your Plurk profile. You can change timeline colors and it is present in the profile editor. And the other good thing is, you can make your own Plurk layout if you have knowledge in css. But if not, you can still have colorful layouts for your profile because right now, there are sites that offer free Plurk themes and even tutorials.

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But for example you installed a new layout. You like the color combinations, you like the fonts, but you don't like the background image on your timeline, and you want to change it into your picture of choice. Well you can do it by simply changing the background image URL on the css section.
1. Go to your profile settings and then to the customize profile section.
2. On your css sheet, find this code:
/* Timeline Holder Background */
{ background: url(PUT YOUR IMAGE URL HERE);background-repeat: no repeat;

3. Insert the url of your favorite pic inside the parenthesis with the capital letters.
4. Save, and then you're good to go!
I will show you my plurk layout that I edited. Below is the original Twilight Plurk layout courtesy of

As you can see the picture in the timeline was Bella and Edward talking. So, I changed the picture by putting the background image url of my choice. And here it is:
See the difference? You can do this too on your profile, no need to be a css genius.

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