Twilight: A Very Short Post-Movie Review

Because of Armie, I have watched the movie several times since its first showing in San Fernando. Not that I don't like the film, its just seems that the sotryline is common(a human inlove with a vampire and vice versa). Except for the fact that the suthor Stephanie Meyer did a good job in portraying the Cullens as "vegetarians". They do not show on sunny days not because they melt or burn but because they change into live diamond statues. May favorite part of the movie was when the family(Cullens) plays baseball, but not the usual baseball that we all know. Alice was a good pitcher hehe.
As of now I am currently listening the audiobook versdion of the sequel, New Moon, and as I listen, the story goes deeper and deeper. More exciting things are going to happen.

For those who have not watched Twilight, go to your nearest moviehouse, buy a popcorn and find your seat. As I've said earlier, the vampires you'll encounter in this movie were not the old school ones.

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