November 2, 2009

Random Photos from my Vault.

I was scanning some pictures from my 2 social networking accounts and found these photos. Each of them taken some years ago. I miss traveling.

October 23, 2009

Ultraman Movie Update: Ex-PM Koizumi is Ultraman King

Former Japan Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi lends his voice for the upcoming Ultraman flick, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra GalaxyLegend the Movie to of course, one of the most important character, Ultraman King.

Tsuburaya Productions announced that the ex-PM had a cameo voice as the leader of the Ultraman family in the movie when it goes to be released this December,

Koizumi said it was his son Shinjiro, 28, and a longtime fan of the action series who encouraged him to accept the role. Voice recording was wrapped last September.

October 5, 2009

This is it! Another Action-Packed Ultraman Movie!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the trailer of the newest Ultraman movie out on December 2009, with our favorite Ultra heroes and of course, more giant monsters! Waaaaaah! I just can't wait for this movie, "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend"

September 1, 2009


Meet Potchi- the cute puppy that Armie and I bought from her brother, King. Isn't he cute!

August 31, 2009

Chula Vista Wins Little League World Series

Congratulations to the boys of Chula Vista, California for winning the 2009 Little League WPrld Series championship title, defeating Taoyuan County, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) 6-3. Sadly, my team, Taiwan lost, but they really played a good game. They won 1st runner- up. For other updates, I don't know who won the consolation game between Mexico and Texas ( I think.)

I will try to post some pictures on the game, and if you want to watch the replay, watch for it on Again, to all the participants in this year's game, guys did a very good job! Hope to see you soon on the Major League scene!

August 30, 2009

Little League Update: Taiwan Advances to World Title Game

After beating Mexico 9-4 on the international championship yesterday, the boys from Taoyuan County will now advance to the finals game, playing up against who will win between Texas and California. This is the first Taiwan has entered the game again, since 1996.

Well I hope they win! I supposrt the asian teams who made it to this prestigious series every year! Sadly, Japan didn't made it to the finals though, but go Taiwan! Go Asia!

August 5, 2009

Trade Show Organizing 101- Part 2

Now last time I shared some equipments you can use when setting up your booth for trade shows. I'm sure it help our fellow reader create their themes and ideas with the suggestions we tackled in th previous article. Now we go to the other part of Trade Show Organizing, and that is how to avoid chaos during trade fairs, in short- crowd control.

Admit it. It happens everytime. Especially during the first days of the fair. People just keep coming and going to the event, visiting each booth,looking at items. Sometimes you cant control people coming to your booth, so this situation may lead to unpleasant events like robbery. I've already experienced it in one of the trade show I attended. Fortnately, the thief was caught, but we don't want this to happen again, so what should we do in order to take control of the crowd flow?

We could use some crowd control equipments which is available ob your local trade equipment or hardware store. choose from any of the following: stanchions, velvet ropes, and barricades. These materials are used during big trade shows and activities such as concerts and other ceremonies. We can all use any of these mentioned to avoid any accidents during trade fairs, and to maintain smooth flow of the crowds.

July 25, 2009

L4D Enthusiasts! Part 2 is Coming!

Valve Corporation, maker of the world-renowned game Half-Life and Counter Strike, announced last June 1 that Left 4 Dead 2 will be released this year on Microsoft Windows and XBox 360:

We've just announced that Left 4 Dead 2 is coming later this year! It's a much larger game than the original, and features new co-op and versus campaigns, all-new Survivors, boss zombies, weapons, and items, as well as melee combat. Check out the teaser trailer, and watch this space for more news in the coming days.-

Though the players called for for a boycott questioning the appropriateness of the sequel after the first game Left 4 Dead, Valve assured that this does not mean that the corporation no longer support the original.

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Plot, Characters, and New Villains.

Left 4 Dead 2, will be set on the southern part of the US from Savannah, Georgia, to New Orleans. and just like the first game, four main characters will be introduced, though the game creators haven't given elaborate background on them:

Coach- no specific name, a high school football coach.
Ellis- a mechanic
Rochelle- a reporter for a local cable company
Nick- a gambler and conman

Two new boss zombies will be added to the game according to Valve. First is the Spitter, a zombie with a long neck and a pot belly, with most of her jaw missing. The Spitter's attack is to vomit a buzzing, orange liquid, in a way similar to the Boomer, but instead of attracting the horde, her spit damages the player over time. The second one will be the Charger, who is as large as the Tank, but has lower health. The Charger pounces like a Hunter and slams players to the ground leaving them helpless until another survivor comes to help. It can move very fast, but only in a straight line.

The First Game.

The first Left 4 Dead game was released last November of 2008. After its release, the game won numerous awards, including Best Multiplayer Game of 2008 by IGN, GameSpy, Spike TV, NoFrag and BAFTA, and Computer Game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), Spike TV, and Bit-tech.

There are four campaigns on this game- No Mercy, Death Toll, Dead Air, and Blood Harvest, that all end up in an intense mission to defend their position from zombie until the rescue arrives.

Personally I love to play this game using the female character, Zoey. She is a horror movie fanatic like me, hehe.

In the recent update, the game second sequel will be released November of this year, so L4D gamers watch out for this. You can watch the teaser trailer on the L4D website.

June 13, 2009

Join the 3rd Baguio LGBT Pride Week!

On the 15th anniversary of the Philippines' and Asia's 1st Gay Pride March and
the 40thannniversary of the Stonewall Riot, the Baguio LGBT community celebrates its 3rd Pride event! Join the 3rd Baguio Pride Week!
Here are the following schedules:

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* 9:00 AM- 5PM “Libreng Gupit alay sa
Pamayanan” (Ikatlong Lahi)
at People’s Park


* Pink Film Showing 3PM “Babae” :If
these walls could talk” and “Preccila
Queen of the Jungle” at Tavern Bar.
Sponsored by Lesbond & Progay-Baguio


*“ El Toro Ms. Gay Pageant and variety show”
El Toro Comedy Bar
KM3, central District, Marcos H-way, 2nd
F Rito’s Bar, Baguio City

* L Cocktail Night @ City Tavern Bar
101 MS Florendo Bldg, cor Abanao st.
8PM onwards

* Pink Film Festival : “For the Bible
Tells Me So” (MCC)
(Forum on “Homosexuality and the Bible”
follows after the film showing
2PM, University of Baguio ____________


* Pink Film Festival : “For the Bible
Tells Me So” (MCC)
(Forum on “Homosexuality and the Bible”
follows after the film showing
2PM, Saint Louis University __________

* Pink Nite at Chip n Dale’s male Bar
9 PM onwards


* Ecumenical Pride Mass (MCC)
9:00 AM Maharlika Livelihood Complex Lobby

* 2:PM Legal Rights & Sexuality forum
UP Baguio sponsored by UP Student
Council Gender Desk, Pi Sigma Delta,
Rainbow Rights Project


* 3rd Baguio Pride March
8:00AM , Baguio Post Office Park (Assembly)

* Program at People’s Park
11:00 AM

* “Pride-up your Scarf” Party
2 PM, venue: City Tavern Bar


June 10, 2009


Maliwanag na hindi titigilan ng administrasyong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ang Charter Change (Cha-cha). Sa pangunguna ni Speaker Prospero Nograles, iniratsada ng mga kongresistang alyado ng administrasyon ang House Resolution (HR) 1109. Babaguhin ng HR 1109 ang Konstitusyon sa pamamaraang constituent assembly (con-ass), na bubuuin naman ng mga kongresista at senador. Sa con-ass ng administrasyon, boboto nang magkasama, sa halip nang magkahiwalay, ang mga kasapi ng House of Representatives (HoR) at Senado. Sa ganitong paraan, tiyak na madodomina ng higit na maraming kongresista – na mayorya ay alyado ni Gng. Arroyo – ang pagtatakda ng mga babaguhing probisyon ng Konstitusyon.

ANO ANG LAYUNIN NG CHA-CHA? Pangunahing hangad nito na mapanatili sa pwesto si Gloria. Gagawin ito sa pamamagitan ng pagbabago sa porma ng gobyerno. Matagal nang bistado ng publiko ang maitim na balak na ito ng administrasyon. Kapag natuloy ang con-ass, lahat ng probisyon sa Konstitusyon ay maaaring baguhin, bukod sa porma ng gobyerno, pwede ring galawin ang termino ng mga halal na opisyal.
Lubhang desperado ang administrasyon na makapanatili sa poder. Gamit ang kanilang bilang at pera, nairatsada nila ang Con-Ass. Pipilitin nilang baguhin ang Konstitusyon kahit tutol ang mamamayan at tutol ang Senado.

Pero hindi tayo papayag na magtagal pa sa pwesto si Gloria. Sawang-sawa na ang taumbayan sa halos 9 na taon ng bulok at tiwaling pamamahala, na ngayon ay tila gusto pang lampasan ang paghahari ng diktadurang Marcos. Halos walo sa bawat sampung Pinoy ang nagsasabing inutil ang gobyerno sa pagsugpo sa korupsyon. Habang tuloy ang nakawan sa pamahalaan, lumalala naman ang kahirapan. Lumaki ang bilang ng walang trabaho ng 170,000 sa pagsisimula ng taon. Samantala, tuluy-tuloy ang paglabag sa karapatang pantao kabilang ang pagdukot, pagtortyur at pamamaslang.

PAPAYAG BA TAYONG TUMAGAL PA SA PODER ANG GANITONG PAMAHALAAN?Kaya dapat buong-lakas na pigilan ng mamamayan ang tuluyang pag-arangkada ng Cha-cha ni Gloria upang manatili pa sa poder. Dapat ding singilin at panagutin ang taksil at ganid na mga kongresistang kasabwat ng MalacaƱang sa Cha-cha.
Cha-cha at Gloria, Ibasura!


May 27, 2009


Wala naman. naisipan ko lang magsulat. alas dose na ng umaga, mornyt, ika nga nila. Pero ako? Enjoy pa rin sa libreng internet usage dito, maayos na kasi ang broadband connection, kaya naman eto ngayon, net galore ako.

Kakabasa ko lang ng blog ng isang kaibigan. binisita ang fb account. At ngayon, nag-aadik dito sa pex. Sa ilang oras na browsing, marami-rami na rin ang pumasok sa utak ko. iba-iba. Erap for president, ang taong anti-depressant, katrina halili, kambal sa umay, da idiot box, desaparecido.. naalala ko tuloy yung nawawalang si Jonas Burgos, at si Mang James Balao. Makikita ko pa kaya sila? Nitong taon lang, naglaunch ang libro ng CPA kung si manong james ang researcher. Sayang at wala siya nung araw na iyon. Hanggang ngayon kasi, ayaw pang ilabas si manong james ng mga militar na dumukot sa kaniya. Parang yung nangyari din sa isang kaibigan ko.. hay, eto na naman, balik-tanaw sa nakaraan.
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Masasabi ko namang hindi ako hardcore na tibak. Mahilig din naman akong mag-inarte. Nung nasa college paper paper pa ko, hilig ko sina Avril Lavigne at Sum41, malay ko bang magkakatuluyan si Avril at yung isang member dun? Peborit din namin ang Evanescence, lalo na yung poster nila na kung saan pinagdidikit namin ang mukha ng mga bading naming staffers, salamat sa photoshop hihi.. mahilig kami sa coke, lagi ngang pumupunta yung isang janitor sa opis namin para kunin ang dalawang case ng coke at sprite na naipon ng ilang linggo. Palibhasa, estudyante, may allowance. May pera.

Pero pag fulltime ka, gudlak sayo. Kelangan mong pagkasyahin ang isa o dalawandaang piso pamasahe mo at panggastos papuntang Vigan. Kung saan-saan ka matutulog, sa bahay ng kaibigan, sa opis, sa bus, sa community.. naalala ko nung pumunta ako sa luna para sa isang research sa mga namumulot ng bato, nakipamuhay ako sa isang pamilyang kulang pa ang pagkain para sa kanila. Tapos nakisawsaw pa ako ano? Ganon talaga, at kahit ganun ang sitwasyon, masaya pa rin naman nila akong pinatuloy sa kanilang maliit na tahanan. Kumain ng ampalaya at pechay ng isang buwan, sumamang namulot ng bato, maghapon sa ilalim ng araw at sa huli mabebenta mo lamang ang napulot mong bato piso isang lata. Naalala ko pa, may isang bata duon na ginawa nang probinsiya ng mga kuto ag kaniyang buhok. Siyempre ako ang taga tanggal niya noon kaya naman nung umalis ako, binulong niya sakin kun pwede daw ba siyang sumama.

Pag fulltime ka, mas lalo mong maaappreciate ang mga bagay na dati ayaw mo. Dati ayoko ng Skyflakes, pero nung ft na at may nagbibigay ng skyflakes, laging ako ang nauunang humingi. Hindi naman kasi para sa akin yun. Binibigay ko ito sa mga bata sa komunidad na napupuntahan ko, kasi napapasaya ko sila pag may mga pagkain akong dala na hindi nila laging natitikman. Sa Abra, ang sardinas na youngstown, 25pesos. Kaya naman nung nandun ako, hindi ko nagawang kumain ng mga pagkaing de lata. Pero kahit may pambili naman ako, hindi magawang bumili. Ayoko naman kasing ako lang ang kakain ng ganun. Minsan, bumili ako ng 3 corned beef para ihalo sa nilutong gulay. Halos isandaan ang nagastos ko,pero tuwang tuwa ang mga bata, kasi once in a blue moon lang daw sila makakain nito.

Iba-ibang tao ang iyong makikilala. Nariyan yung masungit, hindi ka papansinin. At meron din naman yung ituturing kang kapamilya. Naalala ko talaga ang mga karanasang ito. Ngayon, heto ako nakatunganga. Marami pang nangyari sa akin sa loob ng apat na taon. Naglagalag, nag-aral, nakilala ang mga bagong kaibigan, namatayan din ng mga kaibigan. May nag-abroad, meron din naman nag fulltime pa rin. Ako? Hindi na ako fulltime ngayon. Pero hindi din naman malayo sa aking perspektiba ang page-ft ulit.

April 27, 2009

This Week's Photoshop: Get that Ripped Torn Look!

This trick that I will illustrate today will give your photo or project that dirty, amazing effect! For this tutorial, I will again use my favorite Filipina singer Liezel Garcia (my favorite pic too!), so read the instructions carefully, but don't worry, this trick is so easy to do!

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STEP ONE: Open your favorite picture (File>Open). I suggest to duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+J. I usually do this whenever I make some projects to avoid big disasters, you know what I mean.

STEP TWO: Select the Brush tool, and then go to the upper menu on the left. Choose Chalk 17 pixels brush from the presets. Then, set the default colors by pressing D and go to Windows>Brushes to go to the Brush menu.

STEP THREE: On the Brush menu, Click Shape Dynamics(do not check it), and use the following sttings: SIZE JITTER: 100% MINIMUM DIAMETER: 0% ANGLE JITTER: 50% ROUNDNESS JITTER: 25% MINIMUM ROUNDNESS: 25% then check the FLIP X JITTER and FLIP Y JITTER.

STEP FOUR: Then click the Scattering and use these settings SCATTER: 100% COUNT: 1 COUNT JITTER: 0%. Check BOTH AXES. After that click Textures and click on the texture preview window and select the wrinkles texture. While still at textures, apply the following settings SCALE: 100% MODE: Color Burn DEPTH: 50%. Check INVERT.

STEP FIVE: After textures go to Other Dynamics and enter the following settings OPACITY JITTER: 50% FLOW JITTER: 0%. After this, CHECK the Wet Edges and Smoothing.

STEP SIX: Once done, start brudhing lightly around the edges using White color.

You don't want your hard work go to waste, so save this brush settings. Go back up to the menu in the upper left with the brush still selected, then go to brush presets, click on the arrow and select New Bruch Pattern and save it as any name you desire.

STEP SEVEN: Go back to the Brush presets and choose Splatter 24 pixels brush. Repeat steps 3 to 5,but son't worry the seetings you made on the previous brush were still there, the only thing you have to change is by adjusting the SCATTER to 1000%. Then go back to your image and start brushing it by clicking once in raqndom parts to give it a more torn look.

STEP EIGHT: We are just about done, go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise and adjust the settings that you are satisfied with.

And you are done with the torn edges. But as you can see, I made the image look vintage to add more impact on the torn effect. Just go to Image>Adjustments>Match Color and tweak the Color Intensity slider to 1 to achieve sepia color. Easy right?

April 10, 2009

Weekend with Kids.

Before my trip to Vigan, I told my blogger and froum friends that I will not be able to update and visit them. I told them this the moment that I have been waiting for almost a year. And this activity means so much to me that I cancelled all my other schedules just for this 4-day event that will surely give smiles to the delegates, or should I say, the kids.

This 4-day activity is of course the start of Children's Rehabilitation Center(CRC) Outreach Program here in Ilocos Region. And together with Armie, we volunteered as staff for this program here in our area.

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CRC is a non-profit, non-government organization that serves children affected by state violence. It primarily deals with helping children overcome the psychological effects of war, and children victims of abuse by providing psychosocial therapy, counseling, nutritional, medicine, legal, and educational services. Since 1995, CRC has been settingup community-based programs to serve far-flung areas where there is military presence and and reported cases of human right vilation. in the last five years, CRC has documented more than 800 incidents of human rights violations, affecting some 215, 233 children.

During the activity, I met some children whose parents were threatened by military men and forcing them to surrender because they were advocates of peasant rights. Soldiers continue to visit them in their houses and forcing them to sign papers, and inviting them to their camp. As I talk to these kids, I found out that they were afraid of what might happen to their parents and even to their community. For the previous years, military forces have built camps within the barangays in the different parts of the region. They used the barangay hall and even daycare centers as their station. This forced daycare children to held classes under the trees instead of the center built for them. This activity brought fear to the residents for the military were using them as human shields against the New People's Army(NPA). While in some areas in the Philippines, residents were forced to evacuate because of the fear of being caught in encounters between military troops and the rebels.

I also met some children who were victims of sexual abuse and molestation by neighbors and their relatives. This case required another approach of counseling and therapy. On the other hand, we also held a workshop and session for the parents to understand the situation their child is going through and to guide them on how to handle and help their kids during these times. Most parents today are conservative, treating children as too young to speak about these experiences in life, so it is good that the parents were given guidelines on the proper handling of their young.

At the end of the day, I realized that this activity is not enough for the children to fully overcome these experiences. This requires more theraphy sessions and programs for them. But what made me happy is that all the children went home smiling and telling us, "Sa susunod ulit ate ha?"

March 31, 2009

This Week's Photoshop: Image Focus

Photos with great effects really makes our jaw drop. we would think the photographer used a high tech camera with very good lens.

We would think that with these cameras, they can take crisper, sharper images. But today,with the help of Adobe Photoshop, we can turn our ordinary pictures into jaw-dropping ones, like one of those photos we admire.

One of the popular phot effect used today is focus enhancement, in which the photo backgroud is defocused, so that it draws attention to the portrait. Today I will share you five simple steps on how to apply this effect into your image.

I will use a photo of one of my favorite Filipina singer, Liezel Garcia(credits to LiezelGarcia Online, thanks guys!). And now, for the first step!

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STEP ONE: Open your image in Photoshop. In the Cahnnels panel, Option-click the Create New Channel icon.
In the new channel dialog that pops up, name your channel, click on the Selected Areas to set Color Indicates, then click OK.
Next,click the empty checkbox to the left of the RGB channel to see the image through the mask.

STEP TWO: Press D to set the Foreground and Background color to default(black and white). Choose Brush tool(B) and select a soft brush from the
Brush Preset Picker in the Options bar, and
paint over your subject. As you can see, I used the brush to paint that red color over Liezel. The painted area will
be the one to remain focused. You can adjust the brush size using Right and Left bracket keys.

STEP THREE: After painting, return to Layers panel. Duplicate your image(Background Layer) by pressing(Ctrl-J), and then choose Blur>Lens Blur from the Filter menu.

STEP FOUR: In the Lens Blur dialog, go to the Depth Map section, and click on the Source drop-down menu and choo
se the channel you created.

STEP FIVE: Allow the filter to update and study the effect before adjusting any additional sliders. If too much of the image
is blurred, it is best to Cancel and return to the Alpha Channel. This way, you can paint in black to protect more of the image or with white to
subtract from the channel. Then reapply the Lens Blur to continue.

And you're done! Simply follow these steps to achieve the in-focus effect for your image, without using any high tech camera equipment!

Photo Credit: Liezel Garcia Online
Additional Source: Photoshop User

March 26, 2009

Children's Rehabilitation Center

The Children's Rehabilitation Center(CRC) is a non-profit, non-government organization that serves children affected by state violence. It primarily deals with helping children overcome the psychological effects of war, and children victims of abuse by providing psychosocial therapy, counselling, nutritional, medicine, legal, and educational services. Since 1995, CRC has been settingup community-based programs to serve far-flung areas where there is military presence and and reported cases of human right vilation. in the last five years, CRC has documented more than 800 incidents of human rights violations, affecting some 215, 233 children.

Since the outreach program here in Ilocos has just started, any individual or group can share, impart, or do any of the following:

Donate such as toys, books, art materials, clothes, educational materials, medicine and other material and financial assistance to children victims of state violence and abuse, and;

Donate library materials in the field of childcare, therapy work, community work, and organizing human rights.

For inquiries and donations, don't hesitate to contact me:

Mobile: +63905-266-4866

Visit the website at

Maraming Salamat Po!

March 25, 2009

The Effective Project Proposal, Part II

Well, after months since the first part, I now have the third and final part of our Project Proposal series. Now I am going to share to you the points on how to make your project proposal standout from others. Take time to read the following, especially if you are planning to make one.

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1. Write Clearly. Proposal reviewers usually have to read dozens of proposals in a shortperiod. They appreciate direct statements; they are exasperated bt cleverness and needlessrepitition. If you take five pages to say what can be said adquately in one, reviewers willremember your proposal for other than positive reasons.

2. Be Logical and Balanced. The proposal should flow and conclusions reached, not jumpedat. It means that the proposal shows internal consistency. In the 'rationale' the basis/needfor the project is explained and project components identified. The components and strategywill lead to the attainment of objectives through the project management set up and budgetoutlay. external factors have been taken into consideration. The length of sections may wellreflect your assessment of their importance.

3. Be specific. Specify numbers, sequences, outcomes as appropriate. Include time/flow charts,allowing for start-up and phase-out of your project.

4. Be thorough. Especially in detailing programme administration, managemet and monitoring.donors like to know that their money is going to conscientious and capable agencies.

5. Make propsal attractive to read. put in a lot of spaces, and make clear headings. Use theroman numerical System or ABC for identifying major sequence of your proposal. you might includepictures as well.

6. Don't philosophize. A proposal for the Food Secutiry and Nutrition Improvement Programme is noplace for a speech on hunger in the Third world. Know the difference between a proposal for fundingand a polemic.

7. Don't assume that reviewers know the problem or programme. Given the mix of possible readers,it makes ense to avoid unsupported assumptions, and to specify and document the existence of needsto be met and the capacity of your programme to meet them. the best way to handle jargon andspecialized acronyms, which arise among old hands with various programme details, is to eliminatethem- at least in proposals.

8. Don't include surprises. Examples are personnel who show up in an organizational chart or budget,but are not mentioned in the proposal narrative. Or charges in budget, with no prior referencesas to purpose or necessity. A good proposal answers questions, does not raise them.

9. End the proposal with an impact. Summarize the arguments for the project in one last paragraph.Formulate a catchy closing sentence, one that would convince the funding agency to consideryour proposal.

Source: Bakwit, Bubong, Binhi, Bayanihan: Project Development Monitopring and Evaluation inDisaster Situations by Citizen's Disaster Response Center

March 12, 2009

Panagbenga 2009: Stress, Pics, and Direk Jay.

I can say that the recently concluded Session Road in Bloom was a success. Though it gave us headaches and made us vampires, we're still happy to be part of this activity. I met some new friends, bonded with my Dad for a few days,a nd even met a fello blogger- well, almost.

I was Sunday night, March 1, 2009. After setting up the booth, we went to Jack's for dinner. And after a hearty meal, I decide to went outside to get some fresh air. He was standing about a meter away from me. Continue Reading this Entry..Wearing gray long sleeves, he was holding a paper looking down Session Road as if he was waiting for someone. I stared at him, and I thought he looked at me too. He looked so familiar to me. And when a woman approached him and walked away, it was only then I realized that that man standing beside me is no other than indie film director and fellow blogger Jay Altarejos. Well Direk Jay films include Ang Lihim ni Antonio and my favorite Ang Lalaki sa Parola. Aw, I should have approaced him and said hello, I thought.

Tuesday morning, I posted a comment on his blog, asking if he was in Baguio last Sunday. And he immediately replied back:


yeah, i was there and was wearing gray long sleeves. sayang, we could have said hellos.
anyways, i'll post if ever i'm going there again.
thanks for dropping by.

After the festival, we went to La Trinidad, Benguet to visit the trade fair for the annual Strawberry Festival. It was fun looking at the products made from this delicious fruit(actually its a fake fruit). among these products were: Strawberry dressing, shake, pies and other pastries, ice cream, and of course, soap. Unfortunately, I was not able to take some photos(the digicam is not working), so we just enjoyed the moment looking at the products.

As I promised, here are some pics I took during Panagbenga 2009. Some were 'ugly' shots but still I hope you'll like it.

I was trying to pload the video for the fireworks display, but the net connection is not good, so I will just post it next time.