January 30, 2009

Your Not So Unusual Ultraman Story

It was one fine day somwhere in Japan, and Daigo and Mirai were talking about ex-girlfriends.

When suddenly, a kaiju(monster) appeared out of nowhere.

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So the two decided..

Mirai will face the kaiju first. He posed.

>And transformed..

...into Ultraman Mebius.

Mebius fought hard against the kaiju.
And eventually, he killed it using the move EVERY Ultraman must know.

Yay! Ultraman Mebius saved the day!!

But then another kaiju appeared. This time, a talking kaiju!

The evil kaiju caught Mebius in a giant glass cage,and turned him into stone!!

Yaykz! What will happen to our hero, Mebius? Will our other hero, Daigo be able to help? HOW???
Find out on the second installment. Soon!

*Based from the movie "Decisive Battle: The Eight Ultraman Brothers". Pictures on this post from the movie of the same title. 2008 Tsuburaya Productions.

January 7, 2009

Care For Some Eco-Friendly Candles?

Organic product are getting really popular these days and they can be seen and bought everywhere. they are environment friendly and of course good for our health because absolutely no chemicals were used while making these products.

One of my favorite organic goodies which I love to send as gifts to my friends are candles. Organic candles? Yes. In fact last Christmas I received a gift from my cousin which is a set of soy candles!

The discovery of soy wax as the new alternative to paraffin wax made soybean the most promising natural wax source available. Soybean, being grown in most countries is now used and made as organic candles because they are biodegradable and does not contain any harmful chemicals unlike the old paraffin wax.

Caterpillars, the leading soy candle manufacturer, not only uses chemical free soybean wax, but also recycles packaging materials and even encourages other small businesses to do the same.They also offer wholesale soy candles to customers at low prices.

My cousin gave me a set of Roly Poly soy candle and I'm looking forward to have some of the other sets in the future!