This is NOT a Deathnote.

But this article was originally written with the use of 2007 Microsoft OneNote. Why? Because first of all, I really like OneNote's newest and coolest features, which includes password-protecting your articles, multiple computer support, and live sharing session in which several people can simultaneously work on the same note pages, as if writing on a whiteboard in a conference room. To enable live session, all you need is an internet connection.

So, this is not death note. Why death note? Nothing much, except that this article has something to do with OneNote. And yes, I also remember something. This also has something to do with Sota. While reading his blog last night, an interesting article caught my attention. A fan gave him a gift- it’s a notebook, dark brown I think, and a simple one. But the cutest thing that got my attention was the notebook's name. On the cover was written: sOta NOTE, instead of Death Note.

Aww. It was really cute. And that fan of Sota was indeed creative, I wish he could give me a copy too. But poor Sota, because of his hectic schedule(he's been practicing violin for sometime now), he hasn't written a single letter on his sOta NOTE yet. He says he can't think of anything that is interesting to write.

Maybe because he's using OneNOte like me too.

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