Trade Show Organizing 101.

One of the hardest part of oragnizing and putting up a trade show is materials to use. Especially in some big shows that need big trade show displays and booths to use, and of course the accessories to use such as tables, chairs, table covers and truss for lighting. Buying these materials from any local store will not be that easy. And of course it is expensive.

A tip that I can share to you: Search the internet for websites that offer quality trade show display materials, exhibit booths, and accessories like tabletop displays, panel lighting, banner stands, mural graphics, and brochure racks at a very lower price. A friend in the US did this. He searched the web and found this site. He compared the prices to other stores and bought some displays and accessories. Believe me, he saved 15 thousand dollars compared to the other shops he visited. See, if you are patient enough to scour the web, you will definitely find some quality goods that are very cheap.

Another bonus tip for you readers: I found this website that offers trade show displays, but also offers customized logo floor mats. You can have you company logo or even your favorite baseball team logo printed on these mats that are good for office, hotel, restaurant, and at home.

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