Be an Ameriplan Member and Save!

Having a medical insurance is a form of security for yourself and your family these days. But my grandmother, who lives in the US just joined a healthplan that is not actually an insurance, but an alternative to it.

Ameriplan is discount medical and dental plan that offers packages as low as 14.95 dollars a month. they also offer different plan packages you need, like the Dental Plus Package, Basic Health Package, Total Health Package,and they also offers prescription, visual, and chiropractic discounts, and is good for the entire family. Not that bad right? For example, on their Prescription Discount, members can SAVE FROM UP TO 25% ON MOST brand-name prescription drugs and 50% ON MOST GENERIC PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. They also offer 30-day money back guarantee on new members. And their latest addition to their services? I just checked out their website and found out that they now provide independent business owner career opportunities or work at home for people who want to become part of their team.

Now my grandmother has been a member for about 2 weeks and so far, she is satisfied and enjoying the services and discount provided by Ameriplan. She also plans to recommend this to my Auntie to join because Ameriplan not just give the best services, it also helps save money.

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