April 27, 2009

This Week's Photoshop: Get that Ripped Torn Look!

This trick that I will illustrate today will give your photo or project that dirty, amazing effect! For this tutorial, I will again use my favorite Filipina singer Liezel Garcia (my favorite pic too!), so read the instructions carefully, but don't worry, this trick is so easy to do!

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STEP ONE: Open your favorite picture (File>Open). I suggest to duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+J. I usually do this whenever I make some projects to avoid big disasters, you know what I mean.

STEP TWO: Select the Brush tool, and then go to the upper menu on the left. Choose Chalk 17 pixels brush from the presets. Then, set the default colors by pressing D and go to Windows>Brushes to go to the Brush menu.

STEP THREE: On the Brush menu, Click Shape Dynamics(do not check it), and use the following sttings: SIZE JITTER: 100% MINIMUM DIAMETER: 0% ANGLE JITTER: 50% ROUNDNESS JITTER: 25% MINIMUM ROUNDNESS: 25% then check the FLIP X JITTER and FLIP Y JITTER.

STEP FOUR: Then click the Scattering and use these settings SCATTER: 100% COUNT: 1 COUNT JITTER: 0%. Check BOTH AXES. After that click Textures and click on the texture preview window and select the wrinkles texture. While still at textures, apply the following settings SCALE: 100% MODE: Color Burn DEPTH: 50%. Check INVERT.

STEP FIVE: After textures go to Other Dynamics and enter the following settings OPACITY JITTER: 50% FLOW JITTER: 0%. After this, CHECK the Wet Edges and Smoothing.

STEP SIX: Once done, start brudhing lightly around the edges using White color.

You don't want your hard work go to waste, so save this brush settings. Go back up to the menu in the upper left with the brush still selected, then go to brush presets, click on the arrow and select New Bruch Pattern and save it as any name you desire.

STEP SEVEN: Go back to the Brush presets and choose Splatter 24 pixels brush. Repeat steps 3 to 5,but son't worry the seetings you made on the previous brush were still there, the only thing you have to change is by adjusting the SCATTER to 1000%. Then go back to your image and start brushing it by clicking once in raqndom parts to give it a more torn look.

STEP EIGHT: We are just about done, go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise and adjust the settings that you are satisfied with.

And you are done with the torn edges. But as you can see, I made the image look vintage to add more impact on the torn effect. Just go to Image>Adjustments>Match Color and tweak the Color Intensity slider to 1 to achieve sepia color. Easy right?

April 10, 2009

Weekend with Kids.

Before my trip to Vigan, I told my blogger and froum friends that I will not be able to update and visit them. I told them this the moment that I have been waiting for almost a year. And this activity means so much to me that I cancelled all my other schedules just for this 4-day event that will surely give smiles to the delegates, or should I say, the kids.

This 4-day activity is of course the start of Children's Rehabilitation Center(CRC) Outreach Program here in Ilocos Region. And together with Armie, we volunteered as staff for this program here in our area.

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CRC is a non-profit, non-government organization that serves children affected by state violence. It primarily deals with helping children overcome the psychological effects of war, and children victims of abuse by providing psychosocial therapy, counseling, nutritional, medicine, legal, and educational services. Since 1995, CRC has been settingup community-based programs to serve far-flung areas where there is military presence and and reported cases of human right vilation. in the last five years, CRC has documented more than 800 incidents of human rights violations, affecting some 215, 233 children.

During the activity, I met some children whose parents were threatened by military men and forcing them to surrender because they were advocates of peasant rights. Soldiers continue to visit them in their houses and forcing them to sign papers, and inviting them to their camp. As I talk to these kids, I found out that they were afraid of what might happen to their parents and even to their community. For the previous years, military forces have built camps within the barangays in the different parts of the region. They used the barangay hall and even daycare centers as their station. This forced daycare children to held classes under the trees instead of the center built for them. This activity brought fear to the residents for the military were using them as human shields against the New People's Army(NPA). While in some areas in the Philippines, residents were forced to evacuate because of the fear of being caught in encounters between military troops and the rebels.

I also met some children who were victims of sexual abuse and molestation by neighbors and their relatives. This case required another approach of counseling and therapy. On the other hand, we also held a workshop and session for the parents to understand the situation their child is going through and to guide them on how to handle and help their kids during these times. Most parents today are conservative, treating children as too young to speak about these experiences in life, so it is good that the parents were given guidelines on the proper handling of their young.

At the end of the day, I realized that this activity is not enough for the children to fully overcome these experiences. This requires more theraphy sessions and programs for them. But what made me happy is that all the children went home smiling and telling us, "Sa susunod ulit ate ha?"