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Okay, I know that we, "the next generation" are too lazy to read newspapers maybe you're even lazy for reading this blog.Well, what you don't know is that maybe the writers in newspapers are too lazy to even check what they write. Hmmmmmmm.Check out gthese newspaper clippings.
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Just imagine..
(names are made up, if it's true, shucks for you)

MARCY: OMG! I am experiencing teenage pregnancy!
DARCY: Oh no! How old are you?
MARCY: 25!
DARCY: Oh, okay

Who would try to go to that salon now?

Why did you even love someone that you know would hate your pet?
Why did you have a pet cat when you know your boyfriend wouldn't love it?

Well, I'm not saying is not impossible but look at our world now? Because the chances are slim. He'll pay you when you and him get back, you might never go back.

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