Hey guys! After days of silence in the blogosphere, I am now officially back again. I wasn't able to blog since Monday due to some serious case of laziness. And I still had thisfeeling of excitement over me since I had this bonding session with my friends (super excitedI was only able to post a single photo hahaha!) It took me to days to get my system back to normal,but still there were times I remember this shiny brown shoes from one of my friends, andof course how could I forget Liezel, whom we chatted about my uncle and her grandmother's death(interesting topic huh?) Indeed she was lovely, and I am looking forward to that day where me and thegang would spend some great time at the videoke bar.

Anyway, I am still looking for a job, and working on a comic strip. I am thinking of some new dialoguesto include in the strip. Hopefully by this week I could upload it for my friends to see.

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