Sounds familiar? Yep, you are definitely right. I just took an online typing test and I found out that I could type 42 words per minute. I felt happy, I guess? Yeah that test I took might not be that credible, but 42wpm was already humongous, though I know some friends who could stroke keys better- and faster than me.

Anyway, why did I took that test?
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Nothing. Just curious of how fast I could type. And besides I have nothing to do. After playing Farm Town, I got bored so I hit the search button for the keyword,"online typing test". Then dozens of results came out. I chose one of the links and thats it. 42wpm. Then I got bored again so I visited Janet Hsieh's blog and watched her show, Fun Taiwan on Discovery Travel and Living. It was nice to see her again on TV. Now that FT is now on its new season, I'm sure that this travel show will be a hit.

And yesterday, I was so happy when my cousin Jamie bought the DVD version of the newest Ultraman movie: The Great Decisive Battle: Super Eight Ultraman Brothers! Yay! I have watched this film for a few times, but yesterday, I watched it- with English subtitles! Hahaha! Now I just realized I looked dumb when I was watching the movie before. No subtitles, just relying on the scenes and actions. But it doen't matter to me. As long as I see Ultraman fight and do his cool moves, I am happy with it.

So hey, back to that typing test thingy I did awhile ago. What do you think? My brother told me he could type 55wpm, but until now, I haven't seen him type that fast. Maybe I should challenge him to take the test too.

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