I Just Can't.

Yesterday, a friend texted me asking if I am free to join them on a badminton session with another friend named L. Well its not only that she will be there. two of her "former classmates", and their friends will attend th activity too. Let's just name the classmates H and B.

Anyway, so my friend insists that I should come because no one will cheer for our friend while H and B will bring their own cheerers. "Only three of our gang will attend, and no one will cheer for L, so please come, please, please.."

Hay, if only I could, but I just can't. First, the location and time is not so near from my good for me (Greenhills, 5pm), second, I have some prior commitment before I learned about the activity, and last, I don't have any money as of now, because I'm currently looking for work.

I told my friend, I can't come though I'd really love to. Even some of my friends won't be able to go too, so I thought if they could reschedule it, but thats not possible. Well maybe next time, Rara.

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