Iran Presidential Elections 2009: The Score

A fellow forum buddy in Iran who happened to be a popular Iranian actress informed us about the real score in the recently-concluded Iranian Presidential election 2009. The proclaimed winner by landslide, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cheated in the said election. Here is what she informed about the current situation in her country:

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and some of his supporters cheated in our recently election.

Ahmadinejad's goverment informed he got 24 million votes. However based true stucheres he just succed acheive 11 million votes and mussavi achieved 19 million mahdi karoubi got 7 million votes. People are in street and do a protest march and police attacked to people with tear gas and truncheon and even shoot to peole and couple guys has been killed. tehran and other cities in Iran are nervous these days. Many of parties and organization informed this election was illegal and yhere was cheat in people votes. Situation in iran is very very bad. Mussavi and Karoubi arrested by police and people are angry even many of relegious leaders said this election was illegal and gave FITWA about this election.

You know they are relegious leaders and have many followers in Shia world. They followers has to follow their orders. They even can give FITWA about killing someone and all their followers has to kill that person. These relegious leader wanted of people protest to election results but unfortunetly our suprime leader support ahmadinejad and informed election was right. Many of ahmadinejad's intolerant and radical Fan's Like My husband after relegious leaders Fitwas went to street and start protest march.We need your help. This guy isn't only a pain in our ass. He is dangerious for whole worlds pace.

Plz do not allow your presidents send congratulations message for this liar. He isn't our president. He cheated In election. Any country's president who send congratulation message for him is our people enemy, tehran face is like our islamic Revolution ages people fire bikes banks and shops. Yelled and say dawn with Ahmadinejad and anti rage police and IRGC soldiers shoot and hitt peoples Do not forget no country shouldn't count Ahmadinejad as Iran's president. This is the best way for support us. We need all world help and support.

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