Direct TV? Never heard of it But..

Probably today most households here in the Philippines have cable tv connections. Over the years cable tv provided usmore information, and more entertainment than that of the usual old-school antenna/signal connections.With cable tv ourkids can now watch info channels like NatGeo and Discovery while our boys can now access ESPN or CNN. But have you heared of Direct TV?

The Direct TV system, which started in 1994, is a satellite brodcast service in which it transmits digital satellite and audio tvto households. This is mostly used and popular in the US, Latin America, and Carribean. Compared to the usual cable tv system,directtv uses a small reception antennas that uses more powerful satellite transmissions. In return, subscribers can access hundredsof channels including local channels, and private video services. Subscribers to this system also enjoys watching shows in full digital quality picture and sound.

My relatives in the US are direct tv service subscribers. They prefer this than cable connection. I asked them why, and here's what they said: DTV is way more cheaper than cableSetting it up is easy, and they get to watch shows in high definition quality.

Cool, isn't it? But who knows, you would be using direct tv in your house a couple of years from now.

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