Farm Town Update: New Game version Released!

Citizens of Farm Town! Slashkey just released last July 9 the newest version of Farm Town, the fastest growing game on Facebook. This means farming gets better and more exciting.

The new updates of the game are the following, courtesy of Slashkey Forums.

We just released a new version of the game. The main additions include:

* 6 new crops, including a 2 hour Raspberry, and a 4 day cotton.
* several new types of flowers
* ability to take 'zoomed in' snapshots of the farm. (e.g. Window vs. Farm).
* Hire to Plow. This will let you hire employees to go and plow at your farm.

About the hire to plow:
- Employees make 5 coins per field plowed.
- Employers's cost is reduced to 10 or 15, depending if the employee is a neighbour or not.
- Employees can only plow on fields that have been harvested, or that have gone to waste.

After reading the new updates, I immediately went to my FT account and planted cotton seeds. Now I am excited to see it grow. Check out Farm Town now and be one of the proud farmers online. Happy Farming!

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