Farm Town Update

New Release from Slashkey:

We just released a new version of the game. This version contains some small additions:

-Added new extended tools to plow. There is a tool to plow 2 fields and 4 fields at once.

-Improved the speed of plowing, planting, etc. (There is a new option in the "Preferences Window" to disable the new behavior.)

-Fixed the "rogue fields" issue which caused some items to get "lost" in some farms.

-Green dots showing which neighbour is online: We had to disable this due to enormous increase in traffic. We are adding more servers, and this will be enabled back progressively to all users.

-Reported bug: Some users report not being able to see other users. We are currently working on this one. We are adding more capacity, and fixing some bugs. Most users won't be affected by this, but for those affected, it is extremely annoying.

-As a side effect of fixing the "rogue fields" issue, plowed fields will not be able to be placed on top of dirt paths.

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