July 25, 2009

L4D Enthusiasts! Part 2 is Coming!

Valve Corporation, maker of the world-renowned game Half-Life and Counter Strike, announced last June 1 that Left 4 Dead 2 will be released this year on Microsoft Windows and XBox 360:

We've just announced that Left 4 Dead 2 is coming later this year! It's a much larger game than the original, and features new co-op and versus campaigns, all-new Survivors, boss zombies, weapons, and items, as well as melee combat. Check out the teaser trailer, and watch this space for more news in the coming days.- L4D.com

Though the players called for for a boycott questioning the appropriateness of the sequel after the first game Left 4 Dead, Valve assured that this does not mean that the corporation no longer support the original.

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Plot, Characters, and New Villains.

Left 4 Dead 2, will be set on the southern part of the US from Savannah, Georgia, to New Orleans. and just like the first game, four main characters will be introduced, though the game creators haven't given elaborate background on them:

Coach- no specific name, a high school football coach.
Ellis- a mechanic
Rochelle- a reporter for a local cable company
Nick- a gambler and conman

Two new boss zombies will be added to the game according to Valve. First is the Spitter, a zombie with a long neck and a pot belly, with most of her jaw missing. The Spitter's attack is to vomit a buzzing, orange liquid, in a way similar to the Boomer, but instead of attracting the horde, her spit damages the player over time. The second one will be the Charger, who is as large as the Tank, but has lower health. The Charger pounces like a Hunter and slams players to the ground leaving them helpless until another survivor comes to help. It can move very fast, but only in a straight line.

The First Game.

The first Left 4 Dead game was released last November of 2008. After its release, the game won numerous awards, including Best Multiplayer Game of 2008 by IGN, GameSpy, Spike TV, NoFrag and BAFTA, and Computer Game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), Spike TV, and Bit-tech.

There are four campaigns on this game- No Mercy, Death Toll, Dead Air, and Blood Harvest, that all end up in an intense mission to defend their position from zombie until the rescue arrives.

Personally I love to play this game using the female character, Zoey. She is a horror movie fanatic like me, hehe.

In the recent update, the game second sequel will be released November of this year, so L4D gamers watch out for this. You can watch the teaser trailer on the L4D website.