My First Baby Post! Yay!

Every woman's dream is to have their own family and when I say family, that includes children. Before birth, soon to be parents usually buy new clothing for their newborn baby.Well most new mommies care for their babies, some I know doesn't ask for their anyone's assistance. It's like they don't want anyone to touch her baby except her, she was protective. She doesn't want anyhing bad to happen.

When caring for their children, my friends agree that the most crucial part of it was watching theirbabies grow into toddlers, because at this stage, toddlers become more curious of their environment,on what is happening outside his crib or outside his house. They begin to further develop their senses, meaning, they begin to touch not only toys but other things inside the house, they putanything on their mouth, and of course they will begin to have their first step. My friends also told methat this is the time when they all have to put all their attention to them. So when I asked how do they manageto do their work at home while ensuring their kids are safe, they all answered the same thing: giving the baby an activity center,to provide them entertainment, and learning. Last year I accompanied a friend to a baby shop to buythings for her 7-moth old baby girl.There I saw different baby and toddler product, from boys clothing, girls clothing, nursery sets,to toddler clothing, and children's books , toys and games. I was fascinated with the toys, because most of the toys they sell were not just ordinary ones, these toys develop the child's abilities, and that includes, counting, thinking,and physical. Most toys today are interactive so toddlers could have a wonderful time playing it. At the end of that shopping, We went to my friend's house, and her 7-month old babywas so happy to use her new baby walker.

I am not a mother, not a parent.I don't have a child, but based on the stories of motherhood I heard from friends, motherhood is trulythe most unforgettable part of their lives.

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