What's Up? Redlan, MisterHeuge, and Tara.

It is now morning and I am thinking of what to blog, while watching Fashion TV(multitasking huh). Yesterday I hopped into some of my friends' blogs and see some updates of what's going on with their lives. Most of the ons I visited have updated posts, but the updates I am up to. Most of them posted movie reviews, and some had sponsored blogsposts. The only blogsites I visited that had their personal posts, were Redlan and MisterHeuge(formerly known as Misterhubs). After months of hectic skeds, I finally managed to visit two of my favorite blog. Well, I always visit and read sir Red's posts because first, I can relate some of the things he shares to his friends, and sometimes his posts were inspiring. While Red inspires me, Mister Heuge makes me laugh hard with his classic day-to-day experiences with a touch of humour. Some of his classic articles and my favorite is the lock jaw girl. Who is this lock jaw girl anyway? Well, why don't you visit is blog?
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Earlier tonight, I learned that Tara Santelices, the holdup victim that was shot in the head on her 23rd birthday passed away Monday morning. Aw. I thought, she's recovering, but she died due to cardiac arrest. Well personally, I don't know Tara. Except that she is Armie's officemate at UMFI. Whenever I go to their office, either Tara was in field work, or she hasn't arrived. That's why I haven't met her face to face, except for their office pics. But according to Armie, even though Tara is an indie film director and a band guitarist, she is still enthusiastic when it comes to her work as a researcher, telling her co-workers that she dreams of working for the United Nations someday. And she is a good photographer, having seen some of her works taken on their company retreat in Rizal. >

(Photo: Tara, posing and goofing around with her co-workers at UMFI)

Unfortunately, Cainta Police had declared the case closed, saying they had caught the suspect and shot him down. But according to witnesses from the scene, the man the police caught was not the one who shot Tara.

Up to now the suspect were still at large. Tara's family, friends, and I hope one day that justice will be served. Rest in Peace, Tara.

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