August 31, 2009

Chula Vista Wins Little League World Series

Congratulations to the boys of Chula Vista, California for winning the 2009 Little League WPrld Series championship title, defeating Taoyuan County, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) 6-3. Sadly, my team, Taiwan lost, but they really played a good game. They won 1st runner- up. For other updates, I don't know who won the consolation game between Mexico and Texas ( I think.)

I will try to post some pictures on the game, and if you want to watch the replay, watch for it on Again, to all the participants in this year's game, guys did a very good job! Hope to see you soon on the Major League scene!

August 30, 2009

Little League Update: Taiwan Advances to World Title Game

After beating Mexico 9-4 on the international championship yesterday, the boys from Taoyuan County will now advance to the finals game, playing up against who will win between Texas and California. This is the first Taiwan has entered the game again, since 1996.

Well I hope they win! I supposrt the asian teams who made it to this prestigious series every year! Sadly, Japan didn't made it to the finals though, but go Taiwan! Go Asia!

August 5, 2009

Trade Show Organizing 101- Part 2

Now last time I shared some equipments you can use when setting up your booth for trade shows. I'm sure it help our fellow reader create their themes and ideas with the suggestions we tackled in th previous article. Now we go to the other part of Trade Show Organizing, and that is how to avoid chaos during trade fairs, in short- crowd control.

Admit it. It happens everytime. Especially during the first days of the fair. People just keep coming and going to the event, visiting each booth,looking at items. Sometimes you cant control people coming to your booth, so this situation may lead to unpleasant events like robbery. I've already experienced it in one of the trade show I attended. Fortnately, the thief was caught, but we don't want this to happen again, so what should we do in order to take control of the crowd flow?

We could use some crowd control equipments which is available ob your local trade equipment or hardware store. choose from any of the following: stanchions, velvet ropes, and barricades. These materials are used during big trade shows and activities such as concerts and other ceremonies. We can all use any of these mentioned to avoid any accidents during trade fairs, and to maintain smooth flow of the crowds.