It's Farm Town Vs. FarmVille.

Following the success of Slashkey's game, Farm Town, Zynga launched another game, FarmVille, which is also you play the role of a farmer. And since its release, there has been a number of followers for this game. My Tita Abeth, who plays FT(Farm Town), is also playing FV(FarmVille) and seems to enjoy it. So far, some of my friends have already moved to FV. I can't see the point why are they switching, because first of all both games have the same goal- to build a farm, grow yur crops and sell them so that you could buy things.

So what are the pros and cons of playing these two games? Let us check.
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Farm Town Pros:
- More popular
- More social (ability to meet new people)
- More “realistic” graphics

Farm Town Cons:
- sooooo many annoying glitches
- less organized interface

FarmVille Pros:

-You can collect milk and other material from the animals
- More proven developers
- Much easier gameplay
- More organized interface

FarmVille Cons:

- The animals are like soldiers. they don't move
- Less popular (newer)
- No ability to meet new people- no interaction between players
- Graphics look “cartoony”

I want to know more of your comments regarding these two Facebook games. You can leave them below.

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