Farm Town Update

I opened my FT accou t today and found that there are new items included, and the addition of FarmCash! This is so WOW!

Fom Slashkey:

As many of you are aware there has been an upgrade going on for several days now. The dev team expects the upgrade to be completed over the next couple of weeks but we will keep you informed of any changes that may occur in the time table.

These are the new features we have been told will be in this new update.
  1. When deleting items on your farm you will now get a confirmation box which includes a picture of the item being deleted. You will need to click on the green check to confirm or the red x to cancel.

  2. When clicking on the GO HOME button, you will get a confirmation box before being sent back to your farm. You will need to click on the green check to confirm or the red x to cancel.

  3. Buddy lists have now been somewhat "ordered". Buddies who are currently online will appear at the top of the list with a green light next to their names. Under the online buddies, the rest will appear in alphabetical order, HOWEVER... those who have capital letters as the first letter of their names, will appear at the top (right under those who are online) from A to Z. After all of those buddies, the ones with lower case letters in the beginning of their names will appear from a to z. Finally, at the bottom of the list, buddies who have wierd characters in their names will appear.
  4. Trophies when visiting neighbors being visible. There is a trophy icon next to the icon you click on to leave them a note. When you click on the trophy, you will get a list of the trophies they have earned.

  5. XP/When plowing, planting, or harvesting the coins being earned or spent will show one by one rather than in groups - whether or not you have the "wait to plow/plant" option selected in your preferences.

We have an official thread for reporting any issues with the new upgrade. Please note that any new threads created to report problems with the upgrade will be merged into the official thread without notice to the member.

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