My Second Baby Post! Yay!

Yes, this is actually my second blog post about babies. I am a little inspired lately by some of my friends' stories on their growing sons/daughters, some of them my godchildren. One of them is the 7-month old baby girl I'm telling you on my last baby post. She is now almost 9 months and starting to try a few footsteps. She's now a bit hyper, so her mother is worrying that she might get hurt when no one's looking at her during her walking practice.

So I suggested that she visit the baby store (the one we visited last time) to buy a good baby crib, especially the ones with protected edges to avoid the baby from bumping her head. I also told her that she should try using some play mats and baby gyms for her daughter because it is a very good exercise for toddlers especially those who are trying or learning how to walk.

I also noticed that her stroller that the pram her baby is using already has damaged wheels, so I decided that I'll be the one to buy a new one, that is why I am going back to the baby shop downtown. There I could choose from lots of prams, and and look for other items like even high chairs, bassinets, even diaper changing stations. I would definitely suggest this shop to my mom-to-be friends and relatives.

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